"MoGu Art Studio" originates from Mr. Li Xiushi's "MoGu" oil painting, which is committed to studying and promoting the artistic context and achievements of the older generation of Chinese artists, and we are non-profit and public welfare.

In 1961, when Piero Manzoni presented his stool in the name of art, the mainstream Western art gene became more and more elusive; at the same time, in the remote Orient, the newly established new China art did not blindly follow the western trend of contemporary art, but based on traditional as well as the principle of "literature and art should serve workers, peasants and soldiers", so as to make the art system of new China independent of the world trend. Thus, such a generation of artists was born

They directly or indirectly learned from Xu Beihong and other artists of the older generation; they received strict basic skills training; they became active in the Chinese art stage since the 1950s, and began to build the context of the development of art in New China. However, the subsequent political movement interrupted the normal track of the development of art in New China, especially the 10-year Cultural Revolution, which made the very young Chinese oil painting art entering a period of stagnation.

After the reform and opening up in 1978, emotions that had been taboo for more than ten years burst out. They created a number of works that still have extensive social influence until today, thus laying their position in the history of contemporary Chinese art. But with the deepening of reform, the development of new Chinese art did not rely on their arms, but blindly following Western modern and contemporary art under the thought of overall westernization. As a result, they become an embarrassing group. Western mainstream art does not recognize them, and domestic mainstream art keeps them at a distance

"Our teachers felt sorry for us and said that we were chickens that had not yet hatched; the younger generation was not satisfied with us and said that we were pickled eggs."

In the 21st century, the world has undergone unprecedented changes. Cultural self-confidence urges us to rethink the position of Chinese art in the new world pattern. In the 1950s, we drifted away from the trend of Western art, but today we are facing how to get rid of the shadow of Western art. This embarrassing paradox has deeply affected our artistic thinking. How should we face...

"MoGu Art Studio" takes "Research on the modernity of" China's third generation oil painters "as the subject, and discusses the contemporary symbiosis and social value of its art in the current Chinese art context through a systematic study of the artistic characteristics and achievements of" China's third generation oil painters ". It is also presented in the form of exhibitions, academic activities, forums, etc. At the same time, it also comprehensively expounds and accumulates their overall style through the forms of writing, publishing, editing publications and images.

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